Scureman Custom Cabinetry and Furniture

Is now closed.



Field measuring and templating

We will go to your jobsite and accurately measure all wall dimensions, electrical & plumbing stub outs, windows, doors, soffit & ceiling heights and template curved or angled areas if necessary.


Design and drawing

After receiving all pertinent information, we will present you with one or more design concepts and, once one is agreed upon, we will supply you with professional cad drawings including floor plans, elevations, and 3D perspectives.


Onsite cabinet lay out

We will go to your jobsite and physically lay out the cabinetry on the floor using black markers. We will label all cabinets, columns, panels, and fillers, as well as check to make sure that all electrical and plumbing is in the right location according to approved drawings.



We have completed jobs through out central Florida, some as simple as a single vanity and others with values in the six figure category. We are a custom cabinet and furniture shop with years of experience and the expertise to fabricate all the cabinetry associated with your job.



We offer clear, stain, paint, glaze, and distressed finishes or any combination. We will submit samples of the desired finish for signed approval prior to the finishing of any cabinetry.